Tuesday, February 8, 2005

Patriots - SuperBowl XXXIX Champions

Image Hosted by ImageShack.usFollowers of NFL football must have seen the victorious New England Patriots stomp out the Philadelphia Eagles in a closely contested battle 24-21 to grab the Vince Lombardi Trophy and also a memorable SuperBowl ring.

The highlight of the mega-event is ofcourse the game itself but strangely the commercials are also an aspect which is closely followed by the 15 million viewers, a 30-second ad has been priced at a whopping $2.7M, for which there is intense competition between the companies, some make it and some get rejected due to content. One gets to see some real creativity which is interspersed with hilarious comments throughout the commercial, I must advise all visitors to the blog to surely take a look at some creative ads the world has to offer, it can surely put our local industry to shame. My rankings are as follows

Funniest Ad
  • Ameriquest: Tazer Scare
  • Runner up: Bud Light : Parachuting ad
Sexiest Ad
  • The Tabasco bikini Ad
  • Runner up: GoDaddy.com Ad
Best Banned Ad
  • GoDaddy : Senate hearing Ad
  • Runner up: Wynn LasVegas
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