Monday, December 27, 2004

A sad day for Asia

The earth quake with an intensity of 8.9 on the Richter scale has completely destroyed the region with a death toll touching almost 20,000 people and counting. I wish the affected nations all the best and our sincere prayers are with all the departed souls.

Surely a sad day for us all

Tuesday, December 14, 2004

SA Tribune Still blocked

If you all recall that a few months ago the South Asia Tribune website was blocked by the Pakistani Government for carrying anti-establishment articles criticizing Musharraf, well the site still remain blocked thought out Pakistan - though it can be accessed via anonymous proxy server

SA Tribune is run out of Washignton DC by the former The News Editor who was forced to quit due to army Pressure in 2002, he now runs this journal which has recorded 44 million hits in its career.

The recent artile I cam across was of the NAB chief harassing Farooq Jangda to exhort 53 Million for Shehzad Ali Khan - who has deep contacts within the army.

The mighty rule - but the mighty also fall very heavily in the end

Orthodontic Seminars in Karachi

It has been a pleasure to be responsible in starting a forum to advance the knowledge of Orthodontics in Karachi. Every Monday morning close to 25 well trained orthodontists get together to discuss cases at length, where the forum is open for cross questioning. This has been really informative for all especially the upcoming in-training orthodontists around the city. I still marvel at how eager, the new generation of Pakistan, is excited to learn and feel proud to be called a Pakistani.

This week while at KMDC there was a detailed case study on two different cases, one who was treated with Functional Herbst Appliance and the other case was a complex TMD Patient, who has been through Anterior Positioning Appliance and is presently undergoing Orthodontics, the discussion was outstanding.

The previous week we had a good discussion at Alvi Dental Hospital and to keep you all posted the following week is scheduled to be held at AKU. I really appreciate the effort of all involved to give their time and effort in this process

Good Job

Thursday, December 9, 2004

Thank You Spider

My thanks go to the Spider Magazine for recognizing this Blog - was delighted to read this Blog's URL in the "Blogs We LIke" column.

Spider keep up the good work - and hope we can entertain the public with our own rants be it poilitical or not.