Thursday, September 30, 2004

"Terror's Children" preview at UPENN

On my first week in UPENN I was surprised to see a preview of Terror's Children produced by Sharmeen Obaid. A decent documentary where she talks about reasons why third world nations are breeding grounds for raising terrorist. I would appreciate the effort she out into producing such a documentary and also having it displayed at UPENN, the crowd was appreciative of the efforts. Sharmeen - change happens with one stone at a time, you have placed the first pebble in the huge pond, now the beacon is handed down to others to follow suit. Well done.

Monday, September 27, 2004


Hey blog readers out there.

I have moved out of Karachi for sometime - and I am right now sitting in Philadelphia trying to attend a course at UPENN. Its been 2 days an I am bored shit without any cricket. To be honest I am not complaining too much as I love NFL. It's pleasant out here at Hoagie land - for sometime you might get the American version of my views here. Will keep you all posted on my day-2-day events.

Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Pakistan Cricket team falters

It was indeed sad to see another crumble of the batting order during the match against the Indies. Faltered at 131 all out was embarrasing and hence dashes our hopes again of a heroic come back.
We should not loose hope I think there is light a the end of this tunnel with Bob Woolmer at the helm of affairs.

Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Pak vs West Indies Game Plan

Hey call me a coach or whatever but every Pakistani has a theory on how to handle the cricket team to make it a winning combination.

Teeth Masters Winning team - Stick with the present lineup Afridi way down the order and Shoaib Akhtar as replacement second line of attack bowler, he does not know how to handle the used ball let alone the shinny one and bowls all over the pitch. Rumors have it that our Mr. Ego (Shoaib Akhtar) Is pissed at Inzi and Woolmer for demoting him. Dear Coach - Let him stay there and allow his nuts (EGO) to cool down. Now back on to cricket - Inzi should attack the new batsman like when R. Gavaskar and M. Kaif came in during the last ICC Pak vs India game, the spinners were in action but Inzi did not employ an attacking silly point which could have exerted more pressure on the new batsman and maybe a wicket for us to celebrate, in effect Inzi cooled down and let the new batsmen settle - Ganguly on the other hand had a pressing field each time for new player.

Good Luck Pakistan we are rooting for you.

Monday, September 20, 2004

Cowasjee retaliates to Musharraf

Ardershir Cowasjee in his article in DAWN on Sunday the 19th says

"Some bright spark has calculated that 96 per cent of the 160- odd million citizens of this country feel so, and the general has duly accepted the figure. Question : after his four-day visit to Karachi last week to inaugurate Ideas 2004 (arms for peace indeed!) does he know that the figure of 96 has perhaps been somewhat reduced?"

Precisley what i wanted to say Musharraf has to find out which 96% of the Pakistani population believes he NEEDS to stay in power

We Will - We Will Rock you - Pak beats India

Hey pakis out there - we finally did insert the nail in the coffin - India all out for 200 should have been a walk in the park BUT NOOO India vs Pakistan match needs to be a thriller.

Finally we barely made it but was fun to see Afridi belt two sixes on Irfan Pathan - before the start of his 8th over his average was amazing and lo behold three balls and two sixes later afridi had balanced the equation - on to the Semi's

Saturday, September 18, 2004

Save the Whale Campaign (Save Musharraf)

Watch for todays headlines - Daily Times was loaded with news reports that Musharraf should remain in the driving seat - well welcome to the new turn of affairs - Economy takes a back seat and Save the Whale "Save Musharraf" campaign comes to the front.

Wake up people until december you are going to be bombarded with evidence upon evidence that Musharraf must say - according to the man himself "I have the pulse of the Nation" and according to that wierd pulse 96% want him in power - Yikes which artery does he have Constitution Avenue in Islamabad.

The pulse of Pakistan says -
1 - dont make a mess of the traffic by test drivign those Merc's
2 - dont beleve that you are the saviour - we soundly believe in Allah
3 - dont assign retired generals to take over ministeries - Pakistan is not a post retirement job for army personnel

--- until next time

Friday, September 17, 2004

President Musharraf and Karachi

Mind you Karachiites - whenever President Musharraf is in Karachi you are
bound to be cursing out loud and not simply under your breath. The
establishment is so scared that they block traffic both ways, my advice to
management is that it shall always be Allah's will, you can't do anything to
prevent it. You might deter the small crooks but the big fish will find a
way, and my gut felling is that it will be from an insider.

Until then Karachi can wait for his Royal Highness to attend his meetings, its cheaper to fly everyone to Islamabad then have Musharraf drop into our

Thursday, September 16, 2004

Zaafir Habib Alvi

Zaafir Habib Alvi A picture of my baby boy Zaafir

Mushy stuck forever

The latest -

Shaukat Aziz and Sh Rashid Ahmed - puppets of the present govt said today that our dear 5-year old "Dick"tator Prez Musharraf does not have to step down from power and they hoped that he would accept to retaining both the Military and Prez post, as no constitutional restrcitions exists.

YIKES - what is the world heading towards are we in the process of another 10-yr like ZIA rule that destroyed all sanity of Democracy - i think we are.

Mushy believes that once he goes all hell will break loose - MAYBE as then all those power hungry so called democrats the MNAs and MPAs will try to get the throne -

When musharraf came he wanted to EMPOWER the people - all he did was empower himself and his pockets -


Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Oprah's Pontiac Giveaway

You must have heard Oprah in her show gave away 276 brand new Pontiac's for the 19th anniversary, estimated at almost US$ 8 Million. Though it was donated by GM but it sure did create stir world wide.
For GM the cost was equilavent to almost 50 prime time adverts but even that cannot create a stir as this stint simply has done - almost worth a 300 ads and a massve campaign overnight
Wish I could get on one of those giveaway shows

US Election Scorecard on Slate

As of 15the Sept Bush is leading the Presidential race by a solid lead of almost 70 Electoral votes (307-231)

Bush has 212 Solid votes and 95 closely contested wins


Kerry has 170 Solid and 61 closely contested wins

I hope these predictions stand overturned as my gutt tells me Bush should be OUT - but who am i to say - Pakistani, a third world citizen

BUT still am very PROUD to be a PAKISTANI

Off to UPENN

Hey all - finally i got my Visa - im now off to UNIV of Pennsylvania for a degree in the field of Endondtics (Root Canals)

Monday, September 13, 2004

'47 The Unfinished Agenda

Saturday night I had the opportunity to preview the documentary
" '47 The Unfinsihed Agenda" a well produced peice by Saadia Ashraf.

Talks about the problematic borders of Pakistan - Its a step in the right direction to promote the Pakistan cause albeit a bit twisted to the Paki version nevertheless amazing job

Well done Saadia

Sunday, September 12, 2004

Bookmark this site if you are interested in discovering the latest Pakistani music scene.

They publish an online monthly newsletter, which is an outstanding piece of work, as well as a decent BLOG -

BandBaja you ROCK

A website that one should surely pay a vist -

this group of individuals ask people to write manuscripts published in adobe format on any topic that is of interest - browse through the website im sure you might find some good reading.

Friday, September 10, 2004

To love thy Child

Allow me to introduce my baby boy - Zaafir Habib Alvi. To say the least simply a bundle of joy.

I come home from work and walk into the ever joyous welcoming smile greeting me on the driveway, that simple act lasting for probably barely a minute washes away all the tensions from work. Not to say work is hectic - I love dentistry but even then its amazing.

I can't expect that much love and affection from any other child except your own. Zaafir with his smelly diapers :) is still my twinkle twinkle star of my life - oops and also my wife Sadiqa (she'll love the side note - wish me luck tonight)

Wide world of people - talk to you later

Email to Blog service

Im impressed at the developers at GOOGLE to be able to develop such a user friendly service – you name it anything published by GOOGLE is outstanding – I am a loyal fan of google – here is an EMAIL-BLOG test

CYA next time

Wednesday, September 8, 2004

Mobile Blogging into the Next Frontier

Technology leaps forward by leaps each and every day the open world with its unregulated policies permits companies to be creative and hence today I can blog from my cell - what the future holds next year, I dare not even predict

On the other hand the Government of Pakistan feels threatened by each and every new idea and regulations are created to block the progress. What good is a govt that is consumed with monitoring of its own people - it should be worried about other problems -

might one need to outline the problems - i doubt as we all are well aware of the present state of affairs in Pakistan

Until next time

Friday, September 3, 2004

Bush in his acceptance speech

excerpt from

Back to the Future
What Bush would do if he were president.

For $2.4 trillion, guess what word—other than "a," "and," and "the"—occurs most frequently in the acceptance speech George W. Bush delivered tonight.

The word is "will." It appears 76 times. This was a speech all about what Bush will do, and what will happen, if he becomes president.

Except he already is president. He already ran this campaign. He promised great things. They haven't happened. So, he's trying to go back in time. He wants you to see in him the potential you saw four years ago. He can't show you the things he promised, so he asks you to envision them. He asks you to be "optimistic." He asks you to have faith.

"Since 2001, Americans have been given hills to climb and found the strength to climb them," said Bush. "Now, because we have made the hard journey, we can see the valley below. Now, because we have faced challenges with resolve, we have historic goals within our reach and greatness in our future."

Are the Saudians guilty of 9/11


After the Michael Moore's "Farenheit 9/11" was released it has haunted the Saudian Government to such an extent that they have launched a web campaign and adverts were displayed on (picture attached)

Are the Saudians really guilty or is it just a clean up affair? One has to wonder - I am secretly glad that the Saudians were shipped out in time BUT then agaiin WHY? why them only i would then say BUSH is to blame and is guilty - he must have been in a haste to remove all evidence ASAP -

According to the Richard Clark in his book titled "Against All Enimes" he quotes Bush as saying that "find if Saddam is involved". Bush only wanted revenge and that meant removing Saddam and invading Iraq like he has done so already


Here is a hyperlink of the website which it redirects to check it out -

Thursday, September 2, 2004

Vodafone & Orange controversy

Rumors have it - (Pakistani gossip scene)

The reason why Vodafone and Orange backed out of the Cell Phone licenses in Pakistan was due to the reason (rumor) PIA was going to sign a purchase agreement with AIRBUS but at the last moment with some US pressures backed out and committed to BOEING this infuriated the French Govt and told VODOFONE and ORANGE (both french multinationals) to back out of further commitments in Pakistan

Can anyone attest to this rumor