Friday, November 26, 2004

Musharraf bribes PPP with Zardari's release

It ain't a mystery no more, Musharraf is trying to hold his presidential seat by the ends of the coat tails for his dear life. Long past are the days where he talked about justice and democracy, he now is preoccupied with the curse - which many leaders of Pakistan have been unfortunate to have encoutered "THE CURSE OF THE CURSI (SEAT)"

General/President Musharraf has now sold out all his beliefs by simply releasing Zardari in an attempt to draw the PPP onto the negotiating table, they surely will come but mind you people we have another deal in the making which will be the final nail in the coffin "The ultimate return of BB" She then will haunt us with her croaky shrill and classy lotta politics. Rumors have it that PPP would refuse to entertain the Army with one simple answer - release Zardari then talk to us. Now to help Musharraf PPP will now demand the return of BB. The Sharif's must be boiling out there in the Saudi desert wishing they had a sweet deal too.

Saturday, November 13, 2004

Passage of a Leader - Yasir Arafat

It was sad to see a great leader pass away who was the sore pin in the Jewish lobby for ages. The Jewish lobby has been pushing for his removal for a long time and attribute this reason as the reason for the roadblock in the so called "Roadmap for Peace". I now wonder if the Palestinian cause under a differnet compromising leadership will suffer after the demise of this great leader who fought to the bone for this noble cause. May his sole rest in peace

Thursday, November 11, 2004

Back to Pakistan

After my stay at UPENN for a period of 6 weeks I am back to my motherland - you might see a change in the blogs as now it is more of a reflection on the world around me from Pakistan instead of when I was in the US. Talk to you later

Friday, November 5, 2004

Bush off to the woods

What a ruler to set by example, the day after he won the elections, he announced he needs to take a break. So fellow americans your President is off to Camp David for a week of much needed rest and also to repeat exactly what he did four years ago. Shows how concerned he is about change, this guy needs brains having the lowest IQ, his Yale trascripts never found and his last four years were spent lazing around.

The movie Farenheit 9/11 said that he was off work for 60% of his first year in office, are we about to see a repeat. We shall wait and see.

Wednesday, November 3, 2004

The world has chosen - Four More Wars?

The entire world was so engrossed in the US elections that it appears that it was too choose the President of the World, in a way yes, the power weilded by the White House affects many countries that destiny lies at the its mercy.

This time around it was not the Florida chads but almost turned into the "Ohio Provisionals" had it not been for the fact that Bush had a lead of 130,000 votes and for Kerry to nab 90% of the 150,000 or so provisional ballots was very unlikely and once Kerry was sure it was well beyond the 8000 lawyers hired by the Democrats to watch over the elections he finally conceeded the next day by a courteous five minute call.

As per my late swing towards Bush, my heart still refused to accept Bush, who am I to argue as the poeple have spoken and so with a sore heart I wish Bush all the best and hope he awakens from his slumber and does indeed make a difference in the world mind you I hope this time for the better. With the House and the Senate safely tucked in his back pocket it is now upto President Bush to either have Four More Years or walk into Four More Wars ?

Tuesday, November 2, 2004

Why is it important for Bush to win

I have been a staunch supporter for Kerry throughout the pre-election campaign and still hate Bush to the guts, but right at the last day, I might have a change in my overall decision. Why? You might ask, I feel that in the past 4 years the US has lost its credibility in the entire world and that I feel is important for an actual downfall of the US (Bully of the world). Let’s analyze each scenario and weigh the advantages of each


If in case Kerry wins then he promises to do an about-turn of the international policy and try his best to join hands with the disgruntled nations and improve the US ties with each of them, this in effect will undo what Bush has done, bear in mind that he does not plan to stop the army in Iraq and he will remain on a war footing for sometime to root out the Anti-US terrorist aspect.


If in case Bush wins then we see him continuing the same course of action, he will not pull out the forces from Iraq and the US will sadly continue to loose men on a day-to-day basis. Unfortunatley with the present attitude Bush will not be able to mend the relationships with the disgruntled nations and US will remain at daggerhead with all.

The effect on the Islamic world (Both Bush & Kerry)

The Islamic world will remain under constant pressure, too root out terrorist activity, soon I predict attention will revert to issue of nuclear arsenal, and Iran followed by Pakistan will come in the spotlight. This scenario happens in both republican or a democratic leadership. So we Pakistani's in actual affect do not gain to benfit in either way but looking at the overall picture I would rather have Bush at the helm of affairs to continune is his slumber and destroy the failing US economy and also the reputation of the United States of America.

Keep your fingers crossed, its midnight of the election with polls opening in 7 hours

Monday, November 1, 2004

Prediction: Kerry Wins

Of all analysts trying to predict the ultimate winner in the US elections let me also put "my two cents worth".

My prediction John Kerry as the next President of the United Stares of America. has him leading by 10 electoral votes as of 31st October leading by 277-267 so let see how the future holds. It sure would be nice change, Muslims are united for Kerry