Sunday, October 31, 2004

O'Reilly Not Innocent

Bill O'Reilly settles out of court with is producer/accuser for an undisclosed sum, rumors have it estimated to be more the $50 Million, "shoot he got off cheap" - I would have loved to milk that sucker for more.

An out of court settlement is basically an admission of guilt

BILL O'REILLY GUILTY - he now wants to put this case begind it, but ofcourse we shall never forget - its like sweet revenge but would appreciate more juicy gossip

Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Ashlee Simpson - Caught Lip Sync'ing

For those who don't know Ashlee Simpson - she is a singer who was performing live at Saturday Night Live - in her second stint to sing on stage a song started and the band played its tunes, BUT the vocals to the first song were heard, while Simpson held her microphone at her side. Flustered, she improvised a few dance steps before bolting from the stage. NBC quickly cut to a commercial.

Caught red handed trying to LIPSYNC - a crime, all do it but she got caught and when you get caught it's a bug SIN

Perfectly fits into the Southwest airlines commercial - Wanna Get Away - Ashlee sure wish she was in the Bahamas instead of on he SNL stage.

Thursday, October 21, 2004

"Journalism by Remote Control"

Journailst based in Iraq are unable to move about physically and they feel enclosed in a prison hence to compensate for their loss of mobility, most reporters have increasingly turned to their trusted Iraqi staffers—translators, drivers, fixers—to collect first-hand information from news scenes and conduct interviews with Iraqis.

Imagine how scared shit the American Army is out there -pissing in their pants - as see it

O'Reilly stuck after all

(Image taken from produced by Darryl Cagle)

Bill O'Reilly (FOX- O'Reilly Factor) finally gets in a jam, from which it wont be too easy to walk away from, an argument to which he can't interjet between the sentences, over-talk the opposing comment, or shut the phone down upon.

Never liked his guts - I hope Bill serves some time still it might be difficult to get even with his arrogant reporting style. Enjoy some deep conversations with Martha Stewart.

Sunday, October 17, 2004

Kerry slammed for pointing out Lesbian Mary Cheney

Kerry is loosing ground in the polls and is trailing bush 48-46 and experts say it is due to his comments on Mary Cheney being a lesbian. The reference to Mary actually weakens Bush's stance on being anti-gay and for Kerry to use this reference in the debate, people say was an underhanded punch.

My opinion is who the hell cares - Cheney in the past has referred publicly accepting that Mary (his daughter) is unique and even when John Edwards had mentioned Mary in the much nastier vice presidential debate, Cheney had thanked him "for the kind words he said about my family and our daughter."

For us Pakistanis - we wonder what's the issue? Gay or Lesbian - please talk about something worthwhile

Saturday, October 16, 2004

Michael Moore on Jay Leno

Well tonight Michael Moore made an appearance on the Jay Leno show. Dressed in the same shabby pants, t-shirt and baseball cap he again rattled the Bush and probably have the Republican supporters yelling at the TV screen. I believe his new book is a must read where he documents all his evidence in more detail.

He complained that Pay-per view and FCC cancelled his 1-day before election show (ofcourse against Bush) probably due to pressure form the administration and in exchange the pay-per view agency is set to telecast an Anti-Kerry show in exchange - Interesting I would rather had seen Michael Moore break Bush from Limb to Limb

Thursday, October 14, 2004

Kerry does a SLAM DUNK

Kerry rolled Bush into a joint and smoked him away in the last presidential. Economy is Bush’s weakest link but still Kerry rolled him over – on the overall effect I think Kerry won

Lets hope it translates into a victory in November – Keep your fingers crossed

Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Intent to produce WMD

This is the most hilarious comment from Bush trying to justify that Saddam had intentions to produce WMD and hence supporting his intention to go to war. Well with intentions like these the world would be a messed up place, I give you an example, what if i wanted to kill that teacher who has made my life a living hell, would I be sent to jail for just having that thought. Now apply the same analogy to Saddam. Saddam did not have the means to make the WMD but he surely wished he had some, this is a free world he can wish all I want, too bad for Saddam he wished to the wrong person - Bush's, both Senior and Junior.

Bush can't justify his going to war on just the presumption that Saddam might have WMD's. We all know there was Oil to go after and that too was mentioned in the 1st Presidential debate where Kerry said that the first things that were controlled were all the oil wells and there was no other plan for the rest of the war - how selfish can the Americans get.

Kerry catching up

Well observing the Election Scorecard found on its actually a better picture then viewing the millions of polls conducted USA-wide, they usually have a twist but what Slate does is combine all those polls and comes out with an average, they look at how each state is changing and can you guess what the latest predictions are? Kerry is close behind Bush with only 18 Electoral votes difference between them - thats a considerable gain since my last post where he was trailing by more then a 100.

My preception is that the media played up with the NO-WMD in Iraq issue well - its damaged Bush's credibilty to a greater extent. The second presidential debate is on tommorrow I expect that to be a thriller with Bush recovering from the 1st debate by being a little bit more mature and not just acting like a sissy and repeating that - "Kerry also signed the consent to go to war" my dear 'ol fellow Bush you presented the wrong facts to the nation and now blame it on the Congress for pushing you into the war it was your desciosn to twist the facts.

My fingers are crossed its Kerry's turn to shine and I wish he plays to destory Bush's crediblity even furthermore by hitting on Bush's tax breaks and other internal issues (which this debate is primarily about)

To me Bush and Kerry are the same for the Muslim world but i just simply hate Bush's gutts for what he did in Iraq and Afghanistan.

CYA tommorrow after the debate.

Friday, October 8, 2004

Part of Patriot Act Overturned

"Part of the Patriot Act, a central plank of the Bush administration's war on terror, was ruled unconstitutional by a federal judge on the 9th of Sept 2004

U.S. District Judge Victor Marreo ruled in favour of the American Civil Liberties Union, which challenged the power the FBI has to demand confidential financial records from companies as part of terrorism investigations. The ruling was the latest blow to the Bush administration's
antiterrorism policies.

The FBI first received power to get customer records in 1986 legislation, but its power to obtain confidential data was greatly expanded by the Patriot Act -- a controversial law the Bush administration pushed through Congress after the 9/11 attacks to help it battle terrorism."

At least the US Justice system realizes that this act is not that Patriotic after all