Saturday, September 18, 2004

Save the Whale Campaign (Save Musharraf)

Watch for todays headlines - Daily Times was loaded with news reports that Musharraf should remain in the driving seat - well welcome to the new turn of affairs - Economy takes a back seat and Save the Whale "Save Musharraf" campaign comes to the front.

Wake up people until december you are going to be bombarded with evidence upon evidence that Musharraf must say - according to the man himself "I have the pulse of the Nation" and according to that wierd pulse 96% want him in power - Yikes which artery does he have Constitution Avenue in Islamabad.

The pulse of Pakistan says -
1 - dont make a mess of the traffic by test drivign those Merc's
2 - dont beleve that you are the saviour - we soundly believe in Allah
3 - dont assign retired generals to take over ministeries - Pakistan is not a post retirement job for army personnel

--- until next time