Saturday, April 26, 2008

Musharraf vs Restoration of Judges: Showdown

An article written by Abbas Kassar in The Pakistan Weekly caught my eye which was titled Musharraf Threatens To Dissolve Assemblies If Judges Restored, it raises some serious concerns about the looming threat wielded by Musharraf and his right to exercise article 58-2(B) of the 1973 Constitution of Pakistan. Quite simply utilizing this threat to keep PPP at bay

…as meetings of committee continues which has been assigned task to prepare draft resolution to be put before parliament the President called his aide to president house since last two days to block way of restoration of judges. It was disclosed by source that. 3 petitions would be filed in supreme court one each by MQM, Q league and Dr. Sher Afghan to stay any resolution to be brought to parliament. Speaker, Deputy Speaker of National Assembly and Law Minister will be made respondent in the petitions. Presidential camp threatened that if judges were restored president would not hesitate in invoking article 58 (B)-2 of constitution and may dissolve national assembly.

The entire world, including most Pakistanis have continued to celebrate the return of democracy in Pakistan, amidst the chaos of full swing political adjustment which include in no short measure the ‘pardons’ being served up for the ‘men in power’ who are predominantly busy whitewashing their sins in the name of political compromise for the ‘greater good’.

When looking at Asif Zardari a phrase comes to mind ‘A leopard never changes its spots’, I wonder how much of a changed man he might actually be since his sudden transformation after his return from Dubai following the assassination of his wife Benazir in December coming back with a snazzy Gucci suit and trimmed mustaches to try and mesmerize the people of Pakistan with some sweet talk. The burning question that shall remain is to see if this is a genuine transformation or a simply a temporary tattoo for the sake of eating the Pakistan pie for a third round.

In the weeks following the elections in February, I have generally kept an optimistic view on the new found political alliances giving them a fair chance to prove their mettle, but as times passes one has to gawk at smooching circus on display, its hideously embarrassing to say the least. Should aptly be titles Pakistan Masquerade Ball 2008, a seemingly perfectly orchestrated event going on like clock work. A jog back into memory lane does not take long for the grand plan hatched in Abu Dhabi in mid 2007 when Musharraf ‘happened’ to swing by her house for a ‘chance meeting’ with the then exiled Benazir Bhutto. The plan was for her to waltz into Pakistan hopefully capturing the hearts of the nation and hopefully replacing PML-Q and become the new found buddies of Musharraf. A plan which continues to emerge perfectly to plan, sans the great leader who met a tragic assassination in Dec, rest is picture perfect scenario PPP with the populous vote replacing the ailing and fragile PML-Q standing to protect Musharraf and indirectly protecting the American adventures in the northern areas of Pakistan

Chances are that the judicial issues is headed towards a grinding halt, Zardari has made it evidently public that he has no inclination towards the restoration also being nudged along with the threat from Musharraf to exercise article 58-2(b). So without any minced words I dare say PPP might actually be a full party to the circus that was played out by Musharraf onto Pakistan in the last few months. Have had enough of this to stop and say NO.