Sunday, December 30, 2007

Mobile pictures - Benazir was defintely shot dead before the Blast

New Images updated below: Considering all the commotion and fuss created by the government of Pakistan saying the called that Benazir Bhutto was not hit by the three bullets but instead she hit her head on some 'lever' of the sunroof. Last night I was contacted by a person via Orkut who had uploaded these images on his profile (now he has taken them off) he was offering to share his video to the extent that he gave his cell number in Islamabad, since his dial up did not permit transferring this heavy file.

On contacting him today he claimed that he was a PPP supporter and his party had instructed him not to share this with anyone. Later when a news reporter tried contacting him, his cell phone was switched off. I have two images to share with you which were initially taken off his Orkut Profile

The first image clearly shows Benazir Bhutto standing upright in the car through the sunroof waving to the crowd


The next image is just after the gun shots which were fired from the left but moments before the bomb blast. Here we see Benazir Bhutto not on the sunroof of the car most likely already shot and injured slumped inside


I sadly do not have the original video, though I tried very hard to get it. A source was in direct contact with the cameraman who actually shot the video and later uploaded the screen captures to show that he means serious business. He claimed to be in the security detail with Benazir Bhutto was riding on her car barely five minutes earlier but had to jump off as she exited the Liaquat Bagh venue. He was finding it difficult to upload the 56MB video file online so was ready to allow someone to help him get it readily available. Today morning he said that his cell phone was ringing off the hook with people clambering in the hunt for the video, hence forth he turned his cell phone off and had even removed the images from his Orkut profile.


Today evening my source was been able to find the other two images that were initially uploaded to the cameraman's profile,

The third image in this series shows the crowd and the cameraman suspects the white hooded fellow to be the actual bomber


This last image is taken 15 seconds later after the bomb blast showing total carnage


One thing is for sure that she was shot before the bomb blast hit her and the shockwave had nothing to do with it (as speculated by the Government representatives. It must be noted that the Government of Pakistan or some tom-dick-n-harry agency has in effect scared away the cameraman from sight and he is no longer in contact, but I am proud to say that the truth will always prevail

Musharraf Propaganda Team, Top This

DISCLAIMER: The images are the actual images taken off his orkut profile and the explanation and the captions and text appearing on the images were all done by him.